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Welcome to my Annual Career Temper Tantrum

Posted on: July 30, 2013

It’s nearly August so I’m quitting my job.

As usual.

My office

The counselling section of my office. Doesn’t it look menacing and worthy of quitting?

This year the ads that make me start hyperventilating–you know, the ones with the binders and the backpacks and the Lunchables–have started even earlier so even though I haven’t taken all my summer holidays yet, and it’s only July, I’m in full-on quit mode already.

Sayonara.  Ciao.  Asta la Vista.

You get the gist.  Apparently, I like quitting in the romantic languages.

The upshot of it is:  I can’t do it anymore.  It’s been 15 years of hyperventilating (in August, mind, not July) and I can’t face another year.  I’ll never make it out alive.   I’m almost positive that the photocopier/scanner/printer has it in for me.  Lately, my office key has been giving me trouble and I’m convinced it’s a sign.  So, I’m oudda here.

Later, alligator.  While, crocodile.  Don’t look back, Jack.  All that stuff.

At least, mentally.

Mostly, I’m just lying awake at 2:14 a.m. fretting and stewing (although sometimes, I change it up and do a little stewing and fretting instead).

And, even though it’s 2:14 or 3:14 or 4:14, my husband, Practical Man, is often awake too since I’m not one to fret or stew motionless or in silence.   He pats my arm as I sigh and whimper and flounce around under the covers.  He kisses my hair and tells me that, of course, I can quit if I want to….that it’s just work and happiness is more important.

Then, I get a bit huffy because of course, it’s not “just work” and I can’t “just quit”.  I mean, I like my job!   It’s challenging and interesting and I finally have a boss who is a mentor.  And, what about the mortgage and that new paint job I’d love (turquoise) for our 1970 Fiat 500 and being able to treat ourselves to the applewood smoked cheddar at the expensive grocery store?

So, then he hugs me and tells me that of course, I don’t have to quit if I don’t want to.  Work is important to me and he totally understands.

Um….what?  I can’t believe he doesn’t think I should quit!

Do you ever have conversations in the dark like this?  You know, where one of you is overwrought and incapable of rational thought and the other one can’t say the right thing, no matter what he tries?

I blame it on Target.

I’m sure that they are responsible for this tidal wave of September and the commercials about the darn Lunchables and the glow-in-the-dark backpacks.  It all makes my heart pound and my stomach churn and I wonder:  How, exactly, did I do this last year?

And, the year before that and the year before that?  Obviously, I had some sort of magical way ignore the evil Target with its back-to-school specials, to tame the fear of the oncoming tidal wave and worry less about the never-ending to-do list in my head before the onslaught.  I must have known how to put the photocopier/printer/scanner in its place and show the office key who was boss.  What was the trick?

My office

The office part of my office. Also menacing.

Suddenly, I remember how I did it:

I quit my job.  Creatively and enthusiastically.  Every night, for about a month and a half, at around 2:14 am.

See you in September.


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